• Laguna Seca: The Trip.

    Of course, throughout the two days there was a lot of great racing. Unfortunately, most of my racing action pictures have been obscured by fences. I thought I could edit them out, but it just doesn't look like that's going to work. Guess I just won't share those memories. Sigh.

    I did get to catch Gary Rothwell. You know;, the crazy guy. The degree of control this guy has over his bike is truly phenominal. Burnouts, stoppies, wheelies, wheelies then stoppies, crazy two up wheelies, he's got it all. If you ever get the chance, try to watch this guy's show. By the way, the second person in the two wheelie pictures is his wife!

    Thanks to Matt, the Triumph rep, for letting us park our Daytonas in the Triumph display. Triumphs were much much more rare than anything else at the track, at least, counting those companies that are still around (i.e. not indian). What I'm saying is, if you want exclusivity, don't buy a Ducati, and for god's sake don't buy a CBR. :P

    On the way home, we split from the Ducatisti again, as they wanted to run a much more twisty route, but with my bad sunburn and big saddlebags I didn't think it was a good idea. We, Jeff, Laurel, and I, just jet back to Reno from Monterey in about 6 hours. Pretty good, and direct, considering it took us 2 days to go in the other direction. The only thing we had to worry about was rattlesnakes, and darkness, as I had lost my glasses and was running on only my perscription sunglasses!

    And that's it for this trip. No tickets nor crashes here, but we did see a couple bikes that got wadded sometime durning the weekend on Cannery Row. Somebody's unhappy with their new TL1000, I sure. I'll bet he didn't get the steering damper on his quite quick enough.

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