Mayhem Ride 1998

It wasn't me - it was the one armed man!

I can make it!

Remember: Safety First (pic:300kbytes)


This ride was taken in July 1998. It covered 1400 miles of Northern California. It the tour of one of a series of 'combat tours' we take every summer.

It was this year's ride to the Laguna Seca World Superbike round with a twist - a privileged few were to take an extra week and ride up the coast.

The master plan was as follows:

1) Trailer to Reno. Don't call us wimps because we trailered over 400 miles of nothing. zzzzzz.

2) Ride to San Francisco

3) Ride north to Petaluma (up rt 1)

4) Ride back south to Monterey (For the RACE)

5) Ride north to Eureka

6) Ride east through Redding, then south through Lassen National Park back to Reno.

the story unfolds .. . . click here.

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