• Laguna Seca: The Trip.

    These pictures are from the trip I took, along with a few friends, to the Superbike round at Laguna Seca in mid-July. We had 5 bikes and six people;
    Ducati 900SS Rico
    Ducati 900SP Andrew
    Ducati 888 Larry
    Triumph Dayonta 1200 Mike (me)
    Triumph Dayonta 1200 Jeff
    Laurel Jeff

    Three Ducatis, two Triumphs and Jeff's girlfriend, Laurel.

    The adventure began by trailering the bikes down to Reno, NV. Before you call us wimps, you must know that the road from Boise, ID to Reno, NV is long, hot and mostly straight. It's either run it at 140mph to make it interesting and go to jail, or trailer. So we trailered.

    While in Reno we stayed at Silver Legacy, boasting to be the world's largest resort casino, or something. Fantastic place! Kudos to the management for letting us leave our trailer and truck in the employee parking lot, relatively safe. Quite a view from our room, too. Gambling sucked but Andrew and I had fun kicking little kids off the video games in the arcade.

    The next day, after leaving the worst dealer I've ever seen, RENO Kawasaki Triumph, we started for San Francisco by the way of Lake Tahoe. This picture is one of the stops we made to relax and refuel, both ourselves and the bikes. Out of Reno we rode on 395S and took a right on rt 50. Another beautiful ride. After that, it was rt 50 to rt80 to 121 to 101. More great scenery all along the way. A bit too much traffic, but I guess you can't have everything.

    To finish off the day, we stopped at, then rode over, the Golden Gate. Quite a site, and the park that overlooks the bridge has some fantastic views. The traffic up towards the bridge was backed up for about 20 mins. That was a bummer. They also charged us the same as a car to go across, even though each bike was less than 1/2 a car. Again, let me express my dislike for the highway department of any state.

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