Velocity people (you know who you are) This page is no where close to complete! Contact Mike if you've got a pic of you and your bike to put in. Or need one taken.


Velocity is the name of the sportbike club here in town. We try not to get in trouble, but when you've got 150hp 500lbs of bike what can you do?


This is me. Suprise, suprise, first picture of myself on my own site. "If I ever buy a Neon, shoot me."

This is Jay. He's spent way too much money on some old FZ750. Pretty nice guy, tho! No kidding. To see a little more about his FZ, hit here.

This nutso is Andrew, a.k.a Stickerboy. He also went along with us on the Laguna Seca trip (or I went with him, rather.) as well as the Sun Valley ride. That crazy contraption strapped to the tank of his Ducati holds a video camera, which was used extensively throughout Sun Valley ride. Maybe I'll send you a copy of the video if you ask nicely. But only if you're not part of law enforcement. He's best known for destroying a Duc 916.

This is Garret. He's never around any more since he got married and a real job! At least he moved out of the sticks and now resides (some of the time) only about 1/2 a mile away. Sorry, Garret, we'll need to update that picture.

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