• Laguna Seca: The Trip.

    Jeff and I, taking a different route after the Ducatisi blasted off the next morning without us, (leaving me with a busted fork seal, which we had tried to get fixed in RENO, covered under Triumph warrantee, thank you Munro of San Fran!) got to stop by the infamous Alice's Restaurant. Great great ride down route 1 through 35 to get there. Lots of twisty corners on a well maintained road.

    Eventually, we got to Monterey. This picture was taken on Friday, the calmer of the two nights. The infamous Cannery Row. We ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Pretty tasty shrimp. I guess Forrest is doing something right.
    Saturday, after a few near riots as the police wouldn't let anyone do wheelies or burnouts, a bus crashed and blocked off Cannery Row. This allowed everyone to just wander around and check out the bikes. Pretty fantastic time, on and off the track.

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