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Judith Pictures

1 Year old Official Picture!

Judith Icon: j-icon.JPG

Judith Movies (right click on link & save to your desktop, or playback will be choppy, some are HUGE!!)

Judith is tired of her water (archived) : MOV05243.MPG

Judith Toybasket & Mom cleaning (again!) (archived) : MOV05227.MPG

Judith Toybasket & Mom cleaning & Judith helps (archived): MOV05228.MPG

Judith Toybasket Judith chase (archived): MOV05229.MPG

Judith Judith's new toy (thanks Great Auntie Bev!!) (archived): MOV05267.MPG

Judith in the front yard (archived) : MOV05400.MPG

Judith & her turtle (archived) : MOV05511.MPG

Judith's getting sleepy (archived) : MOV05523.MPG

Every childs' favorite!! Pots and pans (archived) : MOV05689.MPG

A 5 minute slice of Judith playtime. 110mb! Added 3/5/06 : MOV05973.MPG

Another 5 minute slice of Judith playtime. 95mb! Added 6/29/06 : MOV06664.MPG

Judith's new house! 32mb! Added 9/07/06 : MOV06841.MPG