Car Timeline:

  • 1) '86 FORD BRONCO ][ V6

    Charcoal grey/silver two tone. Awesome in western NY winters. Touch 4WD.

    SOLD INTACT. Rattling in the front halfshafts, tho.

  • 2) '86 HONDA CRX HF

    Blue. Hood clear coat peeling due to some cheap body work. Some will recognize the HF as the 62 horsepower version. Installed a "normal" CRX transmission to lower the gear ratio a bit. Torque curve like an electric motor.... flat and low. Had trouble throwing enough heat during those NY winters to even de-fog the windshield.


  • 3) '89 CRX Si

    Fly Yellow! Fast and fun - a FWD road going go-kart. Import cool before imports were cool. Decent kenwood stereo, amp, etc. Actually used the entire rear compartment as a sub-box.

    WRECKED - Pummled into a telephone pole head on. Broke the pole off (!) and crushed the roof. Walked away.

  • 4) '83 VOLVO 242 TURBO

    The druglord car. Black like patent leather, Blacked out, limo tint, no chrome. Transferred the stereo from the '89 CRX Si, but lost the built-in sub box. This car went through hell and back. Two sets of rims - summer Turbo set with low profile tires, winters with full-hub solid hubcaps and knobbies. Fantastic winter rallye car - first one I got good enough with to drift INTO parking places - at least in the snow. Great when jumping through 6 foot snowdrifts in the Western NY. When trying to pick up a friend from the bus station, had people knocking on the windows trying to buy coke. Fuel injection computer eventually crapped out - rebuilt to running condition (lost 20% horsepower).

    SOLD - (in rain for ASKING PRICE!!) Botched fuel injection computer. Bottom 4" re-painted all the way around with BRUSHed on rustoleum. rear footwells rusted through, sheetmetal screwed over the holes.

  • 5) '80 CAMARO

    The redneck car - BITCHIN CAMARO. "gold" - but so oxidized it was more of a rusty brown. 350 "target master" crate motor, 11" racing clutch, 4.11's, air shocks, traction bars, hooker headers, dual SONIC TURBO mufflers on a "SHORTY" (less than 3' exhaust including mufflers) with turndown tips (sheet metal screws held the thing on BEFORE the back seat) Set off car alarms everywhere. Would bounce like a boat running down the freeway - air shocks wouldn't move and the fronts were shagged. Kept leather gloves in the trunk to pick up the mufflers when they got torn off (regularly) over railroad crossings. Ran more than one winter with NO mufflers because I was too cold to put them back on. FAST FAST FAST off the line, but frame would twist like limp noodles on the launch. The Headers would overheat the starter so it wouldn't start if you stalled it out after it fired up. Could, however, be push started due to low gearing. Deaf moron (literally) backed into it TWICE because she could not figure out why her car stopped backing up. Mexican fixed damage for $100 cash in an Albertson's parking lot, and attracted quite a crowd while I was shopping- Great work for strange environment. This only happens in DC... Continued to rust a lot over the next few years. In the end it had the "repaired" driver's door in primer, the trunklid in primer (replaced through the classifieds in the paper), and full-on holes in the left front fender you should stick your foot through. Perfect READNECK CAMO.

    SOLD - for half what I paid for it, and happy at that.

  • 6) '86 MUSTANG SVO.

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    White. 2.3L intercooled turbo. The best handling fox platform mustangs ever made. All stock for most of its life but the electronic wastegate controller crapped out. Put in an adjustable controller and it worked great except it would cough at 9psi then rocket to 18.

    Sold on ebay with 54,000 original miles on it.

  • 7) '86 Toyota compact pickup

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    Red with 22R. Bought from Porschescum (Sasquatch) when he was trying to trade it in at the Saturn dealer. Needed a winter vehicle. AC and 25+ MPG, what could be better? Drove it for 3 years, then sold it for the same price I bought it for to the kid across the street. He immediately lowered it with a blowtorch. He wrecked it 3 weeks later. I hear it's back running again. BTW: This is not our house, this a really old picture.

  • 8) '68 Chevelle

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    GREY/BLACK PRIMER. Bought it from a pawn shop in Caldwell. Drove it twice. First time, blew the 454 half way to boise and shut down the freeway for 2 minutes due to the amount of smoke. Shop actually put in another big block and I drove it all the way home. Brakes:Shot, Steering rack: Shot, shocks: shot, transmission: functional (barely). Big plans! Never happened. Traded the motor to the ducklr for his trailer so I could have something to take the racebike to spokane. Spent a big week swapping motors - two swaps at the same time, the big block swap chevelle->monte carlo and swapping in a used motor into the ford ranger. what a mess. This big block dropped a valve 3 weeks later. Oops.

    Sold the shell for $100. I'm out of the muscle car thing!

  • 8.5) '92 FORD RANGER

    Green with smashed front end. Assimilated when I got married. PRevious boyfriend had wrecked it in an act of complete stupidity when he hit a tree. Brakes were really screwed up but still worked. She blew the motor on the way to work (spun a rob bearing). Replaced it with a used one from TNT salvage. Her first and only car until she took over #8, then I drove it a lot when my nice cars and bikes were broken.

    Sold "intact"

  • 8) '97 Dodge Dakota SLT

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    White with 318. POS gas mileage (9mpg?)Used mainly to trailer racebikes to spokane for trackday after trackday until I got killed and brought back to life. Munched its transmission at 70k miles, got it rebuilt. My wife Heather took this one over and started driving it regulary. Oil gauge/sender seemed spotty - would randomly go to 0psi with no change in engine note or any smoke, then go back up. After two years of this she brought it home with some top-end knock. Traded it in for #10.

  • 9) '75 PORSCHE 914 2.0

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    Laguna Blue, tons of fun. Bought and drove it for 4 months until we decided the motor (with 150,000mi+ on it) needed a rebuild (based on the amount of oil it was burning). Took apart 1.5 years ago. Still apart. Have an ex hill climb 2.6l BIG-4 that's going in but it needs a ton of cash to wrap it up. Interior is finished unless I can find $400 (or $800 for two) for Renegade seats.

  • 10) '98 Volvo S70 T5

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    Red. 2.5L turbo I-5. Nice sports sedan. Cross drilled zimmerman rotors, steel braided lines, etc. Perfect "family" car!

  • 11) '68 VW BUS.

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    White & Rust. Bought off ebay in portland for $600. Drove once. Ran motor out of oil [just] before leaving town. Attempted to abandon on an overpass (it was smoking heavily). We figured we'd have a few beers and watch it burn, but it was not to be. We found that it was cheaper to get a u-haul and trailer it home rather than leave it and fly, so we quit drinkin and headed out. Great adventure. Gave it away in Nov 05 to someone who claimed to want the transaxle, but after seeing the decent condition of the shell, may have had second thoughts. Broke my breaker bar trying to remove the lug nuts on the front left wheel!

  • 12) '87 Porsche 928 S4

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    Guards RED. 5 speed, 32V 5.0L V8 ~320HP. GT mirrors, devek muffler bypass, 993 replica wheels, aluminum undertray, adjustable Koni reds with custom perches and hypercoil springs (600fr/400r) 928 Specialists drop links and swaybars. Completely rebuilt top end of the motor (head gaskets +++) in 2009. Clutch upgraded with all GTS parts. Aluminum motor mounts and steering rack mounts. This car is crazy fast now.

  • 13) '91 SUBARU JUSTY

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    Silver. Nearly free. Stripped the interior completely, tossed the back seats and filled a dumpster with the junk that was inside. Note Red Bull can exhaust. Drunken rally lights added after too many beers and a Harbor Freight sale. Yes they work. Drove it daily to work for two years. SOLD for $300.

  • 14) '91 VW JETTA

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    White. Bought from Larry for $800. He had bought it for his wife but she didn't like it after it stranded her a couple of times. As a result, it has a rebuilt transmission, a new heater core, new axles, new brakes and a new starter. Exported it from Idaho to VA, at which point it required more work due to failing the inspection. New exhaust (!!), new strut bushings, new steering rack gaitors, new ball joints later, it passed. Drove it another year and the alternator packed up. Replaced. SOLD for $700 after driving it daily for 3 years!

  • 15) '03 BMW 330xi

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    Now we are getting somewhere. 6 speed with xenon headlights. All wheel drive. Silver. 100k miles and some deferred maintenance. Needs some belts and rear brakes soon, but a massive step up from the previous 10 years of daily-driver cars. I will be keeping this one running for a very long time. Tein springs are already installed in the rear, need to do the front. Cross driller zimmermans are also already installed in the front. We'll see where this one takes us.